It is our belief that Christian discipling is the responsibility of all members of the church. While we do have church elders who take on the responsibility of teaching and overall ministry, we believe that each member should have a strong, daily-fortified relationship with God and should be able to provide witness to the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ. As such, our focus has been on equipping each member of the church with a good foundation in God’s Word, as well as encouraging each member to participate and share what God is doing in their lives.

It takes the whole church working together in the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the purpose of Christ, and to represent Him to the world. At South Jordan Community Church, our purpose is His purpose. We labor together to that end by reaching out to win others to Christ, tending to their growth and maturation in Christ, and then sending them out into the world – be it near or far – to win others to Christ.  Win – Tend – Send.

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