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Gideon - Weak, Mighty Warrior ()

Steve Lane, March 9, 2014
Part of the An Individual Message series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Gideon - Weak, Mighty Warrior
Steve Lane

Judges: What can we learn about how God deals with us?

The Midianites - Strife
Judges 6:1-6 Seven years

The Cry for help
Judges 6:7-10 Part one of the answer - repent
Does not mean that all strife is caused by sin - but always appropriate to meditate upon repentance
What was the problem? “ have not listened to Me.”(Is 50:4)

What does God think of Gideon?
Judges 6:11–16 “The Lord is with you mighty warrior”
This angel had information about Gideon that nobody else had...
Fear and a little attitude and weakness did not stop God from using Gideon

Why this trouble?
He does not harp on the repentance but gives him a task - a calling
And promises the strength to carry it out

This is not the first time or the last that God turns weakness into strength and reveals Himself to the world through weak vessels.

God uses weak and flawed people to do awesome things. Yet, as long as he was focused on his weakness he lived weak. The best victories can come out of our weakest times
2Cor 12:9–10

The sacrifice was burned up. Peace! Do not be afraid.

Gideon had to get his family in order
Judges 6:25–26 Can take courage to face family

Gideon Experiences Holy Spirit power
Judges 6:33–34 God empowers and gifts us to do His calling

Gideon’s request
Judges 6:36–37
We are not given this as a pattern to follow but it does again reveal the weakness of Gideon and the character of God.

Judges 5:21b


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