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Gideon - Weak, Mighty Warrior - Part 2 ()

Steve Lane, March 16, 2014
Part of the An Individual Message series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Gideon - Weak, Mighty Warrior - Part 2
Steve Lane

God takes weak people and difficult situations and turns them for His glory – Gideon
It is a painful, difficult, merciful process to truly learn of your weakness and be used of God
The Midianites - Strife
The Cry for help
What does God think of Gideon? “The Lord is with you mighty warrior”
The best victories can come out of our weakest times

Wouldn’t it be better if I had more??
Judges 7:1-2
32,000 vs 135,000 He needs more men! I need more ability, health, money, help... not less!
God is not interested in your words of humility. He looks for or develops a humble heart

Weak Israel gets weaker. The human heart loves to take credit for any accomplishment or victory

Judges 7:3-8 But what if 300 defeat 135,000??

22,000 went home because they were afraid – no condemnation for them but their fear...

10,000 went down to drink - they didn’t even know they were being tested

300 remained alert on the task at hand and 9700...
2Tim 2:4 A distracted soldier
“God was looking for those that He could use. The first group disqualified themselves from the task (through fear), where as the majority of the second group God disqualified because they were not watchful and ready to be used.”

Encouragement for the fearful
Judges 7:9-15
Ropes course – will fear stop you?
God patiently gave him the encouragement he needed in a very faith challenging situation

Weapons of war??
Judges 7:15-18 Gideon has completely lost it now!
Even a sling and 5 smooth stones would be better.

God did it but he chose to use the obedience of a weak man –

Jars of more ways than one!
Judges 7:19-21
2Cor 4:6-12
2Cor 12:9-10
God’s power is made perfect in weakness and He is still looking for Gideons


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