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Relentless Repentance ()

Steve Lane, March 23, 2014
Part of the An Individual Message series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Relentless Repentance
Steve Lane

Spiritual Growth
God has a specific desire for us... That Christ be formed in us (conformed to the image of His Son)
Romans 8:29 Col 1:28-29 etc. You could even say holiness.

This is how His real work on this earth is done In us and through us.

We know then this transformation and growth happens by the Holy Spirit through the ministry of the body; Teaching, preaching, worship, fellowship (iron sharpening iron) and even books.

Through personal bible reading, meditating and study...
Through prayer...
Through trials...
Through discipline...
Through blessing...
Through faith... (Identification - Rom, Gal, etc) and daily faith

The most common barrier to growth (In all of these)
There is a common barrier or blocking point to our being conformed to the image of Christ
Repentance or rather a refusal to go deep enough. This is where true growth stops.

Job 42:1-6 Considered by all a righteous man. Now he will know God

Relentless repentance
Are we willing to get to the bottom of it. (Have you ever said that about a situation or someone?) Willing to get to the bottom of our sin. We keep at it...

When you see someone else fought in it... you're not there yet. Adam syndrome.

Take a deeper look
Psalm 139:23-24
Psalm 139:1-7
Psalm 26:2-3

Matt 3:8 Real change.

Psalm 51:1-10 Prayer of repentance

Ezekiel 18:32 Repent and live

You're not done


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