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Paul's Prayer To The Philippians ()

Steve Lane, May 18, 2014
Part of the Philippians series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Philippians-Intro: Paul's Prayer To The Philippians
Steve Lane

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Paul, Silas, young Timothy and Luke started the church at Philippi on the 2nd missionary journey Acts 16:11

Paul is writing from prison in Rome about 10 years after the church started, about 62AD. Lydia and then the jailer and his family.

The general tone is joyful and thankful.
A few themes stand out: joy, unity, humility, growing in the character of Christ, true laborers, knowing Him and having passion for Him, and peaceful trust in God.

Paul's Greetings
Phil 1:1-2 Doulos - bond-slaves.
Saints - set apart
Grace and peace - typical but meaningful intro for Paul

Paul joyfully prays for them
Phil 1:3-5 He doesn't just pray for the 'squeaky wheel'
Their unity with him in the gospel brought an intensity and joy to his praying for them.

Phil 1:6 While Paul has played a huge role in this in their's God who will provide.

Phil 1:7-8 True joy of true partnership in the gospel. It's not just a church thing it's a personal thing and a way of living life as a part of the body and on mission.
God is relational.

Paul's Prayer
Phil 1:9-11 Wow! So this is the main thing he would pray for pretty mature partners.
The things that follow in this letter probably have this theme woven throughout!

The road to unity, humility, and desire for God is built on love...yet love is still the result of knowing God and humility.

Recognizing and admitting when love is not present in us - not taking our own excuses. Repenting and allowing God to work in us to completion the character of love.

It is not saying the right thing or doing the right thing or giving the right impression. It is the very core of our life that motivates all of our life and relationships and labor! 2Cor 5:14-15

Pray with me now that you would grow in this love as a result of this meditation on Paul's (Holy Spirit's) letter to the Philippians (us).

1John 4:21, Romans 13:9b-10, Eph 5:2, 2Cor 5:14-15


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