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Philippians-Part 1: Deep Trials But The Important Thing Is... ()

Steve Lane, May 25, 2014
Part of the Philippians series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Philippians-Part 1: Deep Trials But The Important Thing Is...
Steve Lane

Paul, Silas, young Timothy and Luke started the church at Philippi on the second journey.
Paul is writing this letter from prison in Rome about 10 years after the church started.

A few themes: joy, unity, humility as displayed by Jesus, growing in the character of Christ, true laborers, knowing Him and having passion for Him, peaceful trust in God.
Paul joyfully prays for them.

Intro - key verse Phil 1:18
Paul has given his life as Jesus intended...sharing the gospel and his life as well.

Paul is taking on the purposes of God without stress that circumstances must be as he thinks they should be to accomplish the gospel going out.

Paul's imprisonment helped toward the spread of the gospel (much fruit following deep trial)
Phil 1:12-13We are poor judges of the usefulness of a situation.
Phil 1:14
Paul's stressful time at sea and finally ending sharing of the gospel on the island of Malta
Paul kept these two things at his core: the gospel going out and faith.
Acts 27-28 Much fruit following deep trial

Phil 1:15-18 Paul is not okay with wrong motives but he is not letting the success of others who he knows have wrong motives get him down.

Paul's main desire is that Christ would be glorified through his life or by his death
Phil 1:18b-19 Two things he depends on: the prayers of God's people and the Spirit of God.
He has faced even more desperate situations and seen how god used them. Both for the gospel going out and for our own faith and intimacy - over and over 2Cor 1:8-11

Phil 1:20 Now he is leaning into it...not fearful and doubting. Straining ahead eager.
His concern is that he would continue to rely on Christ and not be ashamed by self.

Is this the way we handle a trial? God's purposes always in mind and not being overwhelmed when the wind is taking us in what seems the wrong direction.
Phil 1:21-22 This is eternal perspective.
Phil 1:22-26 Very aware of his temporary stay on this earth.

Paul exhorted the Philippians to fulfill the call in unity and fearlessness
Even if he doesn't make it back to them he is spurring them on to go on and make disciples no matter what.
Staying focused on the goal of going into all the world.
Phil 1:27-28
Phil 1:29-30 Your situation is a little different than mine but the struggle is the same.


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