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Philippians Part 2 - Having The Attitude of Jesus ()

Steve Lane, June 1, 2014
Part of the Philippians series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Philippians-Part 2-Having the attitude of Jesus
Steve Lane

Paul, Silas, young Timothy and Luke started the church at Philippi on the second missionary journey.

Themes: Unity, humility as displayed by Jesus, growing in the character of Christ, true laborers, knowing Him and having passion for Him, peaceful trust in God.

Paul’s imprisonment helped toward the spread of the gospel.
We are poor judges of the usefulness of a situation. Much fruit following deep trial.

Paul’s main desire is that Christ would be glorified through his life or by his death.
The prayers of God’s people and the Spirit of God.

Phil 1:20 Come on now, don’t fall back, have courage…
His concern is that he would continue to rely on Christ (theme).

An appeal for unity on the basis of blessings in Christ
A plead to operate as Christ intended (John 17:23) (gotta keep growing).
Phil 2:1 “if” meaning “since” you have encouragement from being united with Christ. What encouragement? Romans 6:3-7

God has given us this dramatic picture of the comfort of love - marriage.

He gave us the Holy Spirit to live in us forever and to be our comforter who can bring us peace when there should be no peace. So yes, We get this!

Phil 2:2 Take that next step and have true partnership (requires both) like-mindedness.

So when we work or pray for unity in our families and our churches it is for a higher purpose...
The love of Christ to be seen in the world.

Notice unity happens with inward care but equally with an outward focus.

Phil 2:3-4 This can mean a maneuvering for personal but mostly seeing things mainly from the perspective of ‘how does this impact me’.

An appeal for unity on the basis of Christ’s humility and self-sacrifice
Phil 2:5 The description that follows is a short but deep picture of the humility of Christ.
Only possible through intimate fellowship and dependence on Jesus.
He reminds us of His humility Matt 11:28-30.

It doesn't seem possible to us that Jesus would ever be seen in us...
But Of what value is anything we do unless we begin to live like this...
Rom 6:11 Daily reckoning of Gal 2:20


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