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Father’s Day Message: Transferring Character ()

Steve Lane, June 15, 2014
Part of the An Individual Message series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Father’s Day Message: Transferring Character
Steve Lane

The things he taught me were not written in a book
Extreme value – the deep heart of who he was… How do you teach these things - deep character

How do you teach that?
Accepting the notion of being responsible for the physical and spiritual well being
A man transfers character to his children and others around him – time
But after many years of disciple making I have found the real really made the impact…
Whoever I have invested my life in has been heavily influenced by my dad
The teaching was important but I wanted character to rub off
How do you teach such things?!? Humility, grit, honesty, concern for others first…
2Tim 2:1-4

Some Principles of Fatherhood [Disciple making]
1. Teaching and sharing the core truths of the Bible—the Gospel (Think FF, Luke 28,)
2. Sharing your life as well (giving your heart) [1Thess 2:9]
3. Developing partners and co-laborers Life of Jesus, Paul etc. (Phil 2:19-21) Vision
4. Praying as if the others depended completely on prayer (Life of Jesus, Paul etc. John 17)
5. Responding to the promptings of the Holy Spirit (Acts, gospels)
6. Solitude and intimacy with God (Phil 3:7-9)

Phases of movement or spiritual growth (Discernment to see)
Not interested, Somewhat interested, Seeker, Convert, Disciple, Leader (Freedom/send)

Life Patterns of Fathers and Disciple makers
1) Taking small Initiatives. 2) Praying and responding as God leads. 3) Serving Others in resurrection power 4) Hospitality 5) Conversation 6) Partners and co-laborers 7) Prayer

Life Wisdom from a real father
How do you transfer humility Phil 2:3 Can you just teach this?
Never presumptuous… How do you teach that?
Strength and courage Joshua 1:9
Paul to the Corinthians 1Cor 16:13-14
True Grit, Honorable, Work had its proper place
“Husbands love your wives” “Do not exasperate your children” Knowing when to come on strong and when to back off. He knew how to let me go.

I didn’t have that! Well, be a man of the Word Psalm 119:9-16 This is our hope
Be engaged in the lives of others.
And Go out… as a boy leaves home so we must go into the world and make disciples…and bring your family with you!


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